A Halloween Wreath

Not long ago I wrote about ways to eliminate spiders from the house, and one way was to keep them off the porches. Today I am contradicting myself because I have just invited lots of spiders to adorn my front porch for Halloween. I decided to make a creepy crawly spider wreath for the entertainment of all those little trick or treaters who will soon be ringing my doorbell.

The inspiration for my wreath came from a picture that I saw on Pinterest, but I have not been able to find the original source to give due credit. I used the idea that I saw in the picture with some added embellishments of my own.

To make the wreath I used a green Christmas wreath that I had discarded and stashed in a closet. I also used a can of black spray paint.

I spray painted the wreath with several coats of paint on both sides, covering all the greenery, letting it dry between coats. 

Some of the supplies I used were black tulle, orange wired ribbon, plastic spiders, florist wire, and wire cutters.

I also used some ping pong balls, wiggly eyes, and of course, my hot glue gun.

After the wreath was painted black and dried, I wrapped some black tulle around the wreath to give it a web-like effect. Then I simply hot glued the orange spiders all over the wreath for color and "creepiness".  Peeking eyes were made from the ping pong balls and wiggly eyes hot glued together. The wreath was finished with a big orange bow made from the wired ribbon and florist wire.

I think I'll let these spiders hang around on my porch while the big googly peeking eyes are on the look out for trick or treaters!


  1. How cute is that??!! You're so creative, Anita!!

  2. What a GREAT idea to spray paint the wreath black!!!!!!!! LOVE that idea!!!! The wreath looks awesome!

  3. "If you ain't somethin!" That wreath is darling!!!! I wish I lived near a HL or craft store because I want to make one! I have wire and cutters and an old wreath but no spiders or ping pong balls or googly eyes and by the time I order them over the internet it would be next Halloween but trust me....I'm making one of those it is so cute!!!!

  4. Your wreath really turned out cute! Love the eyes:@)

  5. Anita,
    Your wreath is so clever. Who would think to spray it black!!
    Love all your little spiders. Very cute

  6. I love it. Thanks for the step by step pictures!

  7. Love it! I spray paint everything black during October:)

  8. What a great Halloween wreath!

    I'm thrilled that the Arkansas Women "Voulez-vous partager?" post led me to your blog!

  9. Adorable wreath, so fun!

  10. No! No! No! No matter how much i love the wreath, i do not want any more spiders! They are everywhere! Argh!