Mission Organization: Week 46 - A DIY Jewelry Rack

Most of my jewelry stays neatly organized in its jewelry box or stashed away in dresser drawers, but some of my jewelry always seems to be tossed on the bathroom counter. I don't know why I have the bad habit of taking off the jewelry that I frequently wear and laying it aside so carelessly. It makes my bathroom counter look cluttered, and the jewelry is put in the dangerous and precarious position of getting knocked in the sink and down the drain! The logical solution to this problem would be to always put the pieces of jewelry back where they belong when I take them off, but somehow I know that I most likely won't always follow through with the logical solution. I decided to make myself an alternative place for those commonly worn pieces of jewelry to "hang out" when I took them off at night.

I've seen jewelry racks made from a wide range of items including rakes and kitchen graters. Since don't have a spare rake or grater, I looked for something else that I could repurpose.

Far, far back in a cabinet I found this mug tree that hadn't been used in a very long time. I think this mug tree could be just as useful for holding jewelry as it once was for holding coffee mugs.

I dusted it off and used some leftover hammered copper spray paint to give it a new look.

I like the metallic effect of the hammered copper paint. This project was complete as soon as the paint was dry. I rescued the items from my countertop and hung them on the arms, and I must say it works quite well. Maybe I need to look again in that cabinet and see what else I have stashed there that I can repurpose.

And don't forget, there's only a few more days left to enter the giveaway for the P. Allen Smith Christmas wreath! Last day to enter is November 22, 2012.


  1. Painting it made a HUGE difference. Really neat! :O)

  2. Great idea. Coordinates very well with your hand towels. Just stopping in today to say Happy Thanksgiving hope you and your family have a fun and safe weekend. Eat well Andi