Mission Organization: Week 48 - Storing Those Plastic Shopping Bags

At my house a couple of shopping trips equals a huge pile of plastic shopping bags. I typically save the bags and reuse them, but they sure can multiply in a hurry! I have tried different methods of dealing with them, some better than others. I once had a small plastic tote that I would put the bags in, but because it did not have a lid, the bags would spill out the top. I have also tried the method of stuffing them into a cabinet and closing the door really fast. This works until the bags multiply to the point of organizing a surprise break out when you open the cabinet.

Do your shopping trips yield a pile of plastic like this?

An empty baby wipes box is the solution to storing all those plastic bags. 

I made a storage container out of an empty baby wipes box by adding a label that I printed on scrapbook paper. I used spray adhesive to attach the label to the box. I think it is important to add the label so that no one picks up the box expecting to find baby wipes inside!

I have my whole pile of plastic bags stashed in this little wipes box. The size makes it handy to fit into a drawer or cabinet, and all those plastic bags are under control!


  1. Our plastic bag collection drives my husband crazy. I'm going to send him a link to this post--I bet he'll have one of these under our sink soon!

  2. Great idea. I save my bags in a large plastic bag that hangs in my utility closet. When it is full I take them to the local Salvation Army's food bank. Almost any food bank is always in need of plastic bags, and it keeps me from feeling guilty about always forgetting to take my cloth bags into the store with me.

  3. Love this idea...I have mine in a long fabric tube someone gave me but it doesn't work well for me because of a space issue where I have to hang it. This sounds like something that would be much better where I need for them to be. Thanks! blessings, marlene

  4. Great idea! I have tried the two above mentioned methods and like you had the spill over and the break out. Now I have visions of a tidy cabinet!

  5. I like your idea, Anita! I usually stuff them inside another plastic bag and stuff them in the cabinet, like you mentioned. I'll have to try the tidy method. I'd be much happier.