From Bean2Blog to You - Edamame Seeds

Because I grew up on a dairy farm in Northeast Arkansas I have thought myself to be knowledgeable about agriculture, but the older I get, it seems the more I discover that is new to me. This week at P. Allen Smith's amazing Moss Mountain Farm I met up with other bloggers for a day of fun and education on soybeans, or the "miracle bean" as they have come to be called.

The Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm

Bean2Blog included tours, speakers, activities, forums, food, and entertainment. Our day was full, and there is much interesting information I would like to share in future posts, including how soybeans benefit all of us in so many different ways.

Part of our learning experience included viewing this bed of edamame soybeans that had been planted two weeks prior to our visit. Soybeans germinate and grow quickly, and each mature plant will produce 30 to 40 pods. 

The bloggers and guests were given the full experience by being allowed to plant our own plot of edamame soybeans in the garden.

These four tiny soybean seeds that I personally planted will be expected to produce between 120 - 160 edamame pods at maturity.

Some of the most exciting agricultural news for consumers is the opening of an edamame processing plant in Mulberry, Arkansas. This is the only facility of its kind in the United States. Previously, edamame was an imported product from China and other Asian countries. Some farmers in Arkansas have started growing this edamame variety of soybean for marketing production at the Mulberry plant.

Edamame soybeans can also be grown in home gardens or in container gardens, but since the seeds are not readily available everywhere, some home gardeners may not get the opportunity to try growing this delicious protein-packed vegetable.

I'm one of the lucky ones who has some edamame seed to try in my garden this year, thanks to the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board and P. Allen Smith, and I'd like to share my seeds with my readers. These seeds are the special variety that have been developed for the edamame that will be processed in the new plant in Mulberry. If you are are a gardener and would like to try growing some edamame at home, I have three packets of these seeds to give away.

Leave me a comment to let me know you would like to have the edamame seed and you will be automatically entered. Three winners will be randomly selected on June 1, 2013.


  1. I would love to have the edamame seeds! I have never heard of them and would love to add this to my collection of unusual vegetables.

  2. Andrew came home from college a few weeks ago and asked me to buy some of these for him! I had never heard of them before so I went looking. The only ones I could find were in the frozen vegetable aisle. With sea salt is what he wanted and with sea salt is what he got! Very tasty - I was impressed! Wonder if they will grow in Florida? He can harvest them when he comes home on weekends! :)

  3. I love edamame, Anita, but have never grown any. Please enter me in your giveaway. It sounds like you learned so much at your bean2blog experience. I look forward to learning more from you.

  4. Very interesting post. I love edamame.

  5. I love edamame, however I have to buy them frozen because that's all I can find. I'd love to grow my own :)

  6. My garden is growing right now and I still have some space. I would love to add this Edamame to my garden! I have never grown it before. Thank you for the chance to win some of these unusual seeds.

  7. I would love to win the edamame seeds!!! I think it would be great to grow these!!! I would love to try these in different recipes!!!

  8. It was such a fun day, and I loved sharing it with you. I shared your giveaway on Twitter and Facebook. Good luck.

  9. I found you through another blogger that attended. I'm loving seeing all the different views of the event! I would love to have a packet of seeds to try in my garden, my family loves edamame!!

  10. I would love to have some of the seeds..It would be fun to grow something new in my garden..

  11. Anita it was so very lovely to meet you! Hope to see you again in September! xo J