The Meyer Lemon Harvest

I had one last important gardening task to attend to last week just before the temperature dropped to below freezing here in Northeast Arkansas. I needed to pick my Meyer lemons before I repotted and pruned the little tree to bring it inside for the winter. I have watched and cared for my tree carefully for more than two years now, and this is the first time it has produced fruit.

I knew far too little about growing lemons when I started, but just like first time parents often do with a new baby, I jumped in and did my best to take care of the little guy. 

I watched as the tiny lemons developed and grew during the summer months.

It seemed to take forever for their color to change. They stayed in the green stage for a very long time.

The lemons finally were ripe enough to pick just before cold weather.

My small tree didn't produce very many lemons this first time, but since Meyer lemons are large I think there will be enough juice to make a nice tart.  I've made lemon curd tarts before, but I've never had my own home grown lemons to use before.  

Arkansas weather is not ideal for lemon trees, but I do have a sunny window that should keep my tree happy during the cold winter months. That small tree by the window reminds me of a youngster peering out the glass wishing for springtime to come again.


  1. How exciting! I'd love to have a lemon tree but I don't even have one good window for sun so I know it wouldn't be happy in the winter. Enjoy your lemons:@)

  2. I'm impressed, Anita! My lemon tree was full of blossoms and it smelled so good, but there is only one lemon on it. I haven't picked it yet because it's still green. I'm wondering if something ate the blossoms off? I will bring mine in soon, too.

    1. Kitty, my tree bloomed profusely also. I wondered if the small amount of fruit was because my tree is so young. These lemons are so heavy the branches couldn't have held too many. I think mature trees produce lots of fruit though. I'm looking forward to finding out!

    2. Good for you, I have never seen a lemon tree growing in Maine, all I see is them at the market with a fat price tag on them. When in Texas for Ms. Morgan's wedding I had so much fun in the produce dept because everything is so inexpensive compared to Maine. Well, next summer you will be overwhelmed with them Lemonade by the bucket........
      PS I have your chili in the crockpot at this very moment.....Have a nice day Andi

    3. Andi, I hope you and Mr. Dick like the chili, I'm having it tonight too!