Baby Shower DIY Gifts

A baby shower is such a fun way to help a new mother-to-be prepare for the birth of her wee one. Seasoned parents know how much "stuff" it takes to welcome a baby into the world, and most new parents can use a little help getting started. Baby needs bottles, gowns, crib, booties, carseat, highchair, stroller, diapers, blankets, and the list goes on and on. Something that is nice to do at a baby shower is to add some home made items to all the store bought gifts.

All babies spit up occasionally, and it seems mine were much more prone to losing mouthfuls of milk when I was wearing my best clothing. I learned quickly to always be prepared, and I think these DIY burp cloths make great shower gifts for new parents.

I recently made some burp cloths for a baby shower using these prefolded diapers.

I cut a strip of minky fabric 5 1/2 inches wide x 18 inches long for each diaper, then pressed under a 1/2-inch seam allowance on each long side of the strip.

Then I centered the fabric strip, right side up, over the diaper and stitched close to the edge down each side of the minky strip.

I finished the top and bottom edges with a zigzag stitch.

Then I embellished the burp cloths with ribbon trim of various types and widths.

Some of the burp cloths have a ribbon border all the way around and others are trimmed with ribbon along the sides of the minky strip and across the top. There's really no right or wrong way to make these. They could be done in colors especially to match nursery decor or made with other types of fabric. I like the handy size of the prefolded diapers and the softness of the minky fabric.

Another cute and easy DIY shower gift to make is a taggie blanket for baby. I used the remainder of my blue and yellow minky fabric to make two taggie blankets to go with with the burp cloths.

To make each taggie blanket, cut two squares of fabric. I made mine 14 inches square. Each taggie blanket needs twenty 5-inch pieces of ribbon. The ribbon should be folded in half and pinned to the right side of one of the squares of fabric, as shown in the photo. Space the ribbon out evenly, leaving about 3 inches on each corner. Stitch the ribbon in place, then sew both squares of fabric together, right sides together, leaving an opening on one side to turn. Turn the blanket to the right side and stitch up the opening.

This makes such a sweet, soft little blanket for the baby to cuddle up with. Neither of these baby shower projects require a great deal of sewing skill, and they make cute, personal gifts for a new mother and her precious baby.


  1. These are adorable baby gifts, Anita! I think people appreciate the homemade ones.

    1. Thanks, Kitty! These were fun to make, and I think they will be useful.

  2. So cute and new parents will always love homemade items. You did a great job......Andi

    1. Thanks, Andi! Seems like everyone I know is expecting a new grandchild, I need to make more of these!

  3. Thanks Anita! Your tutorial will come in handy for gifts for my new grandson arriving in May.

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I'm getting a sewing machine for Christmas and would LOVE to give these a try for my baby and for gifts. Merry Christmas!! :) Whitney @ http://polka-dottyplace.blogspot.com/

  5. So cute! I have a baby shower coming up soon...I may have to break out my sewing machine!