Christmas Pretzel Rods

My wish is that no one is as far behind as I am when it comes to being ready for Christmas this year. Yikes, I still have some shopping to finish! There are also gifts to wrap and lots of goodies to make. Most of all I probably need to chill out and remember that everything doesn't have to be done perfectly. Not everything we do for family and friends has to be fancy to be appreciated, and this little treat is simple, but one most everyone will love.

These dipped pretzel rods make a colorful sweet and salty snack, and making them won't add to the holiday stress level. I have made similar dipped pretzel rods for other holiday occasions, and the directions for how to put these together can be found here.

After dipping just add some colorful Christmas sprinkles and let the candy coating dry. Even if everything else about the holiday has me running in circles, at least I can count on this no-stress treat.


  1. I love these, and yours look beautiful! Merry Christmas!!

  2. I've been meaning to make these for about a week now. Thanks for the reminder! Yours turned out super cute. I was thinking I might make a caramel sauce and dip them in that first, then white/semi sweet chocolate, but I don't know if I have the energy for that, hah! :)

  3. These are so cute! I have made them for Christmas parties before.

  4. Merry Christmas Anita......I did very little baking this year, I made a few new recipes this season but I made a few that have already been posted.......They are our favorites. Andi

  5. How could I forget? These are so easy and I need to whip some up right now to send off with some "late" presents to sweeten the bitter taste of "lateness". LOL!
    You must have been reading my mind as I am always behind in everything. Probably because I want to do so much and fall short but it always works out and now I just call it the 12 months of Christmas instead of the 12 days....that fixes it. After all, we should be having Christmas in our hearts every day of the year, right? The best of the holidays to you and your family and I hope you get what you need done and are able to enjoy the Christmas season. So glad you blog and I just started following you on Pinterest too...I'm out there also. Love me some Pinspiration!

  6. These certainly are easy treats for last minute gifts and fun for kids to help with, too. Merry Christmas blessings, Anita. xo