Sugar, Spice and Spilled Milk

I have been working on a few updates at Aunt Nubby's Kitchen. You may have already noticed a new blog name in the title box. I'll still be blogging at auntnubbyskichen.blogspot.com, but the name of my blog is changing to Sugar, Spice and Spilled Milk. I think this name is a fairly accurate descriptor for my kitchen because of all the activity that happens here.

I'm still Aunt Nubby and always will be, but after almost three years of blogging I decided some updates might be fun. My Family Dance blog is soon to be retired, and all my future posts will be contained in this one site. I hope these changes will be met with approval.


  1. Congrats Anita! Its always fun to have some positive changes. LOVE the new name! Best wishes for all you do.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks to all of you, Marsha, Lynn, and Kitty! I am excited to get started on my updates! I hope to add lots of new recipes in 2014.

  3. How exciting Anita! What a great name.