A Message From the Principal

Sometimes I get busy with what's going on in my house and in my head and totally miss things around me that signal change. For example, I'm so disappointed when I miss the awesome sight of my neighbor's ginkgo tree on the day it drops its lovely leaves. I'm also sad when I look up and realize I took no notice when the hummingbirds stopped coming to the feeder and flew away to the south.

Some signs of change make themselves known more abruptly, though. Yesterday I opened my email and read the weekly update from the school principal. He said starting Monday students can no longer wear shorts to school; long pants are required until spring. Really? Is it fall already? Obviously the answer is yes, because when I opened the front door to make the search for my morning newspaper, a gust of cold air hit me smack in the face. I hustled to the end of the driveway to retrieve the paper, and I'm sure my lips must have already been beginning to turn blue before I could get back inside. Checking the weather online, I found that today's low temperature is only 44 degrees. The principal was right -- kids, wear your long pants on Monday.

Well, now I've seen the signs, and I know what they mean. The beginning of cooler weather means making chili at our house. Chili comes in many different forms, and sometimes folks vehemently disagree on how a great pot of chili should be made. We have our own personal preferences, and I'd like to share a few of my favorite recipes today to kick off our cooler weather. If the weather is changing where you live, perhaps one of these could become your favorite too.

Playoff Chili (recipe here)

Savage Chili (recipe here)

Beef and Black Bean Chili (recipe here)


  1. Yes, autumn is here, but in my part of the UK the temperature is still very warm for this time of year.

    Have a lovely Sunday, Helenxx

  2. The playoff chili is great. I made it last year. Now there are two more I will have to try. As I recall you had cooler temps in your neck of the woods during the fourth of July when I was visiting my sister (Debbie). We had to wear jackets for the fireworks!