It's How I Roll

Probably only another person who enjoys baking could understand my fondness for rolling pins. I have a modest collection by any standard, but I can see how my penchant for these rolling pins could easily cross the line to a collecting obsession.

Rolling pins come in so many different materials and sizes. My collection doesn't even begin to be a representation of the antique and new pins available, but I especially like the ones I have.

Two wooden pins are a part of my collection. The larger of these is circa 1948 and belonged to my mother. She used this same rolling pin from the first of her marriage until her death earlier this year. The smaller pin is from 1968 and was the one given to me as a new bride. Both these pins are the roller type of pin with the handles turning independently of the roller.

Rolling pins are manufactured in an assortment of materials. This blue and white pin is a roller type ceramic pin. The smaller gray pin is marble. The marble pin is an example of a rod type pin; the handles do not turn. For those who might consider using a rolling pin as a weapon, this marble one would be deadly. It may be small, but it is extremely heavy.

Similar to a pin made in the 1950's, this 20-inch long roller type pin is made of stainless steel. This pin is designed to be chilled in the refrigerator before use.

This glass rolling pin is an old one, and I understand it was designed to be filled with ice water before using. Because mine is not used for practical purposes I have filled it with jelly beans.

This is an example of a French rolling pin, or a rod pin. I am currently using this one in my kitchen. With so many types of rolling pins available, it might seem confusing as to which one to choose for daily use. I think that depends. First of all, the pin needs to be one you feel comfortable handling. Before you purchase a pin, pick it up and see how it feels. Consider the weight and the length. Something else to think about is how the pin needs to be cleaned and cared for. There are going to be some great points and trade offs with each type. Probably the best idea when it comes to rolling pins is to have more than one!


  1. What a collection you have, Anita. Some of them are so beautiful and others are fun, like the jelly bean filled one! I like how you roll!

    1. I love looking at rolling pins in antique stores, and there are also some gorgeous modern ones, too.Thanks for stopping by, Kitty!