10 Thanksgiving Desserts

With Thanksgiving only weeks away, it's time to get my lists made. I don't know how others feel about dessert, but it goes at the top of my list. I usually make my desserts first so I have that step of cooking out of the way when the major avalanche of turkey and dressing and casseroles and bread making begins.

I try to take into consideration that not everyone likes the same dessert, and I need to have choices for them, however, I'm not quite as accommodating as my mother was when she was alive and did the cooking for a crowd. She always tried to make a pie to suit everyone's taste, even if it meant multiple, and I do mean multiple, kinds. I hope I can please everyone, but I'm afraid I'll never try as hard as she did to accomplish it. I haven't decided what desserts to make yet, but it's time to make my choices and get my grocery shopping done. Here are some of the top dessert contenders for Thanksgiving this year. If you're coming to my house for your turkey day meal and don't see anything you like on this list, you'd better get your request in ASAP.

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