Decorating Cookies Party

My weekend was so much fun. I visited my sister in Texas, shopped, and met a much admired cookbook author. On Saturday my sister and I attended Bridget Edwards' Decorating Cookies Party and book signing for her new cookie book of the same name.

I have long been in awe of Bridget because of her talent and skill at decorating beautiful cookies. She has hundreds of cookie designs posted on her blog Bake at 350.

Decorating Cookies Party is not her first cookie book. She previously published another great cookie design cookbook called Decorating Cookies, and if you're interested in cookie decorating, I think you'll want them both.

At the cookie party, each participant had a chance to try decorating a cookie from Bridget's new book.

This is my attempt from the party at decorating the Happy Birthday Cake Slice cookie. I have a lot to learn, but Bridget's book has tips on every aspect of cookie decorating. Decorating Cookies Party has 50 cookie designs under 10 different party themes.

It was a long trip to The Woodlands, Texas, for the cookie party, but it was well worth the time. I'm inspired to bake and decorate holiday cookies for my family now. I so admire Bridget's ability, and I discovered at the cookie party that she is just as sweet and kind as I had always imagined her to be. I think it takes a really nice person to bake as many beautiful cookies as Bridget Edwards has baked for other people. Keep decorating those awesome cookies, Bridget, and I'll be there for your next book signing.



  1. What fun, Anita! That was a far way for you to travel, and I'm sure it was so worth it. You and Bridget look fabulous!!!! Your cookie turned out perfectly, in my opinion. Your family is going to be the recipient of lots of yummy treats.

    1. Hi Kitty, thanks for visiting! I'll never make cookies like Bridget, but she is inspiring and her books are full of helpful information. Her recipe for vanilla almond sugar cookies is a favorite of mine.