The Mouse I Trapped for Valentine's Day

I borrowed a mouse from a school party so I could recreate more mice for a Valentine's Day treat. I'm a regular at school parties. I've attended as a student, a parent, a teacher, and now as a Grammy. Parents seem to get more creative all the time with the goodies they send for the youngsters. The moms went all out at the Valentine's party I attended this week, and I came home with some new ideas for treats I can make. I also snagged a mouse.

I've seen similar mice before made for Christmas treats, but not for Valentine's Day. The mom who made these for Valentine's Day had also made "cheese" for the mice from Rice Krispie treats.

To make the mice you will need:

1 bag Hershey's kisses
White chocolate candy melts
Maraschino cherries with stems
Candy eyes
Candy bows
Candy hearts

Unwrap the Hershey's kisses and set aside in a bowl. Melt the white chocolate as directed on the package. Dip each cherry in the melted chocolate, leaving the stem uncoated. Place on parchment paper. Immediately attach Hershey's kiss (for head). Let dry until candy coating is firm. Using a small amount of melted candy coating, add candy eyes and bows (for girl mice) or candy hearts (for boy mice).

Thanks to Katy's mom for sharing her tray of mice with the class and for that wayward one I managed to trap.

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