Dresser Repurpose for Laundry Room

I can't take any credit for this dresser remake. This is my daughter's project, and she did the planning and the work. It turned out so well and is so useful in her laundry room, I just had to share it. I didn't get a before photo, but she started with an old dresser that was well-used. First she removed the mirror and several of the drawers.

She gave it a new look with a little sanding and a couple of coats of white paint. She also refreshed the original hardware with some metallic-type spray paint. The drawers were replaced with colorful storage baskets to match the decor.

Next, she added an ironing table on the top. This part was my contribution to the project. I made the ironing board in the same way I had previously made an ironing table for the top of my clothes dryer. We made hers 17.5 x 40 inches to fit the top of the dresser, leaving room at one end for her iron.

To make her laundry chores a little easier, she used a discarded bar stool as an accessory for the ironing table. She recovered the seat of the stool with the same print fabric that we used on the ironing board. Her finished project has proven not only to be pretty, but to be a useful and practical part of her laundry room.

Reusing furniture by giving it new purpose and new life is both economical and environmentally friendly. I'm so glad she had a creative vision for an old, discarded dresser and a forlorn bar stool.


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  1. That really turned out neat! I agree with you, such a fun and useful repurpose:@)

  2. What a great makeover for an old dresser, Anita! I love how well it turned out and how useful it is.