Easy Candle Embellishment

Candles are a great way to add color and softness to any decor. I love candles of all sizes and types, especially the scented kind. My favorites are the clean, lemony citrus fragrances. Candles can be used to make a room formal or to add a homey atmosphere. Especially during the Christmas season, I may add bows to my candles, and other times I might spruce up a candle by adding a tassel or two. Candle embellishment can be done in lots of easy ways.

I started this embellishment project with a plain brown candle. I wanted to use the dark brown to complement the dark wood in the room and as a contrast to the blues in the decor. The color was right, but it looked just too plain Jane. It needed some embellishment that would also coordinate with the peacock theme of the room.

The solution for this candle was simple. I took a trip to my Hancock fabric store and found some shiny blue/green braid. I used the braid to embellish the candle by cutting three strips the measurement of the candle's circumference plus a small amount to lap over. Working with one strip at a time I used my BFF glue E6000 to attach the braid around the candle. Once the glue was dry, my project was finished. No skills required except cutting and gluing.

Candle embellishment is one of the easiest ways to make unique decor for your home. So many possibilities for inexpensive yet lovely decor can be found with a little imagination and glue.

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  1. Your candle turned out beautifully, Anita. I need to look for your favorite glue as I've never used that. Where do you find E6000?

    1. Thanks Kitty! The E6000 glue can be found at craft type stores like Hobby Lobby or even on the craft aisle at places like Walmart. It is a great craft glue and also is super for little household repairs (like the ceramic bunny ear I broke off)!