Garlic Jar

For almost two years I have been searching for a garlic jar. The search is finally over. I bought a garlic jar, but not before looking at many jars. I found some that were almost the right jar, but not quite. I didn't want just any garlic jar. I wanted THE garlic jar.

In order to fit my requirements, the jar of my dreams had to be big enough to hold several bulbs of garlic. Not one or two, but several. That meant many of the jars I found were nixed because they were much too small.

My ultimate jar also had to be the right color. A lot of garlic jars are a generic white. Others are colored or decorated, but are often in drab colors. I wanted a jar that would coordinate with my Fiesta ware. I have a number of Fiesta ware pieces of various colors in my kitchen, so the jar didn't have to be a particular color, it just needed to jive.

The jar I was on the quest to find also had to be pretty. I wanted something with a little style. I didn't want it to look like it rolled off the assembly line in the company of 600 trillion other identical jars, all headed to stores in the U.S. on a slow boat.

Meet the ultimate garlic jar. It's the right size (4 bulbs will fit), it's the right color (chartreuse), it coordinates very well with any of my Fiesta ware, especially the citrus colors, and it's pretty (notice the shape, the wheat detail, and the handle on top). We were meant for each other.

The search is over, thanks to Daisy at Friesen Art in McPherson, Kansas. I don't personally know Daisy, but I do know she makes beautiful pottery, and she shipped this jar to me super fast. In my search for "the jar" I came across her shop accidentally online. She has other beautiful pieces too. I wanted to tell everyone about Daisy since she connected me with just the right garlic jar. Look her up sometime at www.friesenart.com, and maybe she can help you meet the jar of your dreams too.

P.S. Daisy didn't ask me to write this post, and I didn't tell her I intended to. She does great work, though, and she deserves some applause.


  1. Lovin' your fun new garlic jar, the handle is cool! Enjoy:@)

  2. It matches perfectly. Love the color!