Now You See It

I've been baking cookies this week, lots of cookies. I think it might be time take a break, though, because I've started seeing things in my cookies that aren't really there. It's not like I saw a religious sign in a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough or anything like that. It's more like those tricks on Pinterest where someone uses a gingerbread man cookie cutter and turns it upside down to create a reindeer. Except, I didn't make any gingerbread men or reindeer. I baked sugar cookies to decorate, and I used a cute little gift package cutter with a bow on top.

After I baked them they didn't look as much like gift packages. I kept looking at them while they were cooling on the rack, and the more I looked, the stranger they seemed. Without any frosting, all I could see was Dilbert. If I only had great decorating skills, this gift package cutter would be a perfect Dilbert head. I'm not sure anyone ever has a Dilbert-themed occasion, but you never know. It might be the next birthday party craze. Frozen and Minions can't last forever.

I disguised the Dilbert-head cookies by piping a bow on top, so probably no one guessed Dilbert was in their bag of treats. I have more cookies to bake before Christmas, so I'll check out the rest of my cookie cutters and see what other illusions are lurking there.


On Winning and Losing

Some days I have such good luck. Like the day I won a Thermapen in a giveaway at nwafoodie. This is a first class food blog, and I have followed Lyndi for several years. When I saw she was giving away a Thermapen, my reaction was "wow, where do I sign up?". I've bought Thermapens as gifts, and I have heard all about what a great products they are.

I wanted one.

And then the Thermapen arrived in the mail. MY THERMAPEN. I was beyond excited. This thermometer gives an accurate 3 second reading. I have other thermometers in my kitchen drawer, but none of this caliber. I couldn't wait to try it out. A roast? Grilled chicken? Steak? It's perfect for all those things and more. Friends who know me well, though, would not be surprised to learn that the very first thing I used my Thermapen to measure was the temperature of water to proof my yeast for baking bread. I loved getting an immediate reading that I could trust.

Thanks so much to Lyndi and to Grassroots Farmers' Cooperative! We're going to be very happy together.

As happy as I am when a fun surprise like the good luck of winning comes, we all know there will be days when bad luck shows up, too. If you are a regular reader of Sugar Spice and Spilled Milk, you may have noticed I haven't posted with much regularity of late. That's because of the bad luck that parked on my doorstep. 

In October, I got the news that I have breast cancer. It is in an early stage, so it's very treatable. Nevertheless, it required surgery, and radiation is looming in the near future. One reason I refer to this as "bad luck" is that no other members of my family have ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor said I fall into the category of "1 in 8" women who develop breast cancer, seemingly out of nowhere. My number was drawn. 

Since October, much of my time has been filled with medical appointments. For a person like me who prefers to do what I want to do, this has been, shall I say, inconvenient. I suspect radiation treatments will be even more inconvenient.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.